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Why DDM?

Reliable Hospice Delivery Specialists


Devon MartinsCOO

Our Company

DDM Medical Delivery Service is an LLC company established on May 9th, 2009 with Dennis Mayers as the Chief Executive Officer, and with Devon Martins as the Chief Operating Officer. We have a combined 37 years of experience in delivering in the New York State and New Jersey area. We specialize in Hospice deliveries (route, stats, & on calls).

We deliver across the 5 boroughs, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk Counties), Westchester County, Rockland County, Ulster & Dutchess Counties, Putnam County, Orange County, Northern, and Central New Jersey, and we are quickly expanding Upstate covering 10 counties for Hospice.

Our Service

One thing DDM Medical Delivery Service prides itself on is patients’ peace of mind. They get to know their driver’s name and see them on their deliveries. Your packages are distributed with other company’s packages for routing. We can promise you that we have never received any complaints that a company has ever felt as if their package were second to any other company that we do business with.

We always say it’s not the amount of money a client brings to DDM Medical Delivery Service, it is the opportunity that they provide for our company to thrive. We strive to become a part of their work family and every delivery is treated as important as a client regardless of work volume.

Centralized Dispatched

All covered areas are shuttled to our office and merged with other routes. Zoning deliveries make it easier and faster for patients to receive their deliveries. This also helps DDM Medical Delivery Service to streamline delivery routes while giving a competitive standard price per delivery across the board.

Every time we encounter an issue on the field, our software platform issues alerts followed by a follow-up phone call to our client’s dispatch team during office hours to ensure proper handling of the issue. After hours, the follow-up phone call would go to the designated on-call staff for the client. If an order is unsuccessful, it is returned to DDM’s warehouse. We then try to contact the patient to schedule a redelivery of their package. If the patient responds, delivery will be rescheduled at the patient’s discretion. If there is no response, then the client will be notified again for further guidance. The client has the final say about returning the delivery back to their office if a patient does not respond.


We have a general liability policy in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence. Worker’s Compensation-Statutory limits are covered for every driver and DDM Medical Delivery Service. We also have umbrella liability coverage in an amount not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence. Cargo Insurance $25,000 per occurrence. This is at no expense to the client.

Our Drivers

All drivers are trained on HIPPA compliance and have passed every JAHCO visit for all clients we have worked with. DDM Medical Delivery Service does not have a high driver turnover rate. Our longest tenure is 20 years and the most recent driver hired was 1 year ago. All our drivers wear uniforms and have company I.D. badges with color photos.

Drivers who do not comply will not be allowed to leave with their routes. We use an outside management company named Subcontracting Concepts, Inc. that provides us with drug tests and background checks for drivers. We use License Monitor to monitor driver’s licenses in real time 24 hours a day. We receive email notification with any changes to their license and must acknowledge it upon notification of a change in license. We have a total of 38 drivers to date. Any driver not able to cover their route, we always have backup drivers that would cover any route or single delivery as needed.

Delivery Vehicles

DDM Medical Delivery Service, LLC owns cars, jeeps, mini-vans, and vans for courier vehicles. We have a good size fleet of 4 x 4 vehicles for the winter weather of the Tri-State area.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to driving in the harshest conditions. All our vehicles have to air-condition and each vehicle is required to have ice packed in coolers for refrigerated items. Our company vehicles are for the most part not branded, but we wouldn’t have an issue if a client would want us to use signs on them.

We also have independent contractors that own their own vehicles that provide service to DDM Medical Delivery Service, LLC. We require that their vehicles follow the same protocols as the vehicles that the company owns. These vehicles are inspected once a month to determine they meet company standards.

Our Technology

We provide all our clients with a HIPAA compliant, full-service delivery tracking software platform that works on modern web browsers and mobile devices. It comes with a robust suite of reports that can be downloaded via PDF or CSV.

They can use our portal to dispatch, track, and communicate with our central hub as well as drivers. Our software comes with a driver app available for iOS and Android phones that enable drivers to scan their deliveries and verify they are delivering to the right patient at the right location. Client dispatchers can send direct notifications and text messages to drivers straight from the portal. Drivers can answer through their mobile applications and respond to their inquiries in real-time. All alerts come in the form of emails, push-notifications, text messages, and phone calls.

Our software currently has interfaces with industry-leading pharmacy software such as PK Software, PrimeRX, and QS1. For an additional price, we have a team who can develop custom interfaces and APIs to enable transfer of deliveries from your pharmacy software to our delivery platform.

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